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Komplett Bank launches digital wallets

Apple Pay or Google Pay™ are now available to Komplett Bank customers

Komplett Bank  will give their customers using Komplett Bank Mastercard the opportunity to pay with their smartphones using Apple Pay or Google Pay™ . 

Both wallets offer a secure and more efficient way of paying for purchases both in stores and online. About 60% of all online purchases is today done by using a smart phone. By offering these wallets to our customers we give them an easer way of doing their day-to-day purchases. 

The wallet apps can easily be used in any store that accepts contactless payments. (NFC) By 2020 all merchants in Norway are obligated to support contactless technology. The service coverage is also quite high in both Finland ans Sweden. 

- We want to offer our customers an easier and more flexible solution, where streamlined payment solutions is an important part of our business, says COO of Komplett Bank Jan Haglund. 

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