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About Komplett BankĀ 

Komplett Bank ASA commenced banking operations in March 2014 after the company was issued a banking licence by the Norwegian authorities.

Komplett Bank offers unsecured financing to qualifying private individuals, subject to a credit assessment in the Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish market. 

The Bank’s products consist of consumer loans, credit cards and point-ofsale (POS) finance products, as well as deposit products with attractive interest rates, in the Norwegian, Swedish and German markets. The Bank is a member of the Norwegian Banks’ Guarantee Fund, and all Norwegian deposits of up to NOK
2 million are guaranteed, while foreign deposits are guaranteed for up to EUR 100,000.

Kistefos is the largest shareholder with a 24% stake in the Bank. Kistefos is a private investment company wholly-owned by Christen Sveaas. 

Komplett Bank has established a long-term commercial and strategic partnership with the Komplett Group.

Komplett Bank is pursuing a growth strategy based on geographical distribution in the Nordic region, with products within unsecured financing.

The Bank’s registered offices are at Vollsveien 2A and 2B in Lysaker outside Oslo, Norway.

In November 2017, the Bank was listed on the main index of Oslo Stock Exchange with ticker symbol “KOMP”.

The Bank has a diversified marketing strategy, strong risk-selection capabilities, a solid balance sheet and cost-effective operations. Combined with a strong brand and distribution, the Bank is well-positioned to take on the competition and deal with any new regulation in the markets where the Bank is represented.